Worht & Worth by Orlando palacios

This October 26th, Todos Santos had the honor of welcoming Nigaraguan Artist to join the Jaguar Family as a collaborator for our boutique. With a special Tulum inspired collection, he shared the most important tips and skills to pick the perfect hat for each in a magic night to remember.

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“In a society where most things are mass-produced and instantly acquired, there is little room for carefully crafted, handmade treasures.”

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About Worth & Worth

Orlando Palacios is a heralded and creative artist based in New York City.
Orlando has spent the past 20 years designing and manufacturing the finest handcrafted hats for fashion designers, celebrities, Broadway shows and stylish people from around the world.
As the owner and head designer of the venerable New York haberdashery, Worth and

Worth, he has grown to be the go-to lid-crafter for musicians ranging from Keith Richards to Elvis Costello and Beyoncé.
He often collaborates with fashion designers such as John Varvatos, Thom Browne, Robert Geller and Diane Von Fürstenberg for their runway presentations.

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Above all, Palacios is an artist with a truly unusual range of expression. From accessories to sculpture and installation, all reflect a prodigious and deeply personal passion for artwork based on the human form. He has worked with various people from all walks of life. From Michael Jackson to Paul Simon; Palacios and Worth & Worth have put a stamp on the world of fashion and entertainment as they have modern society.

His passion for the craft enables him to keep the art of hat-making alive by using the same centuries-old techniques while the innovation and style of his designs remains unchallenged.

Orlando’s award-winning brand, Worth & Worth, is known for its exceptional quality and refinement when producing and selling handcrafted hats to stylish people all over the world.

Orlando’s hats have been donned by some of the most notable people in our culture today including, Tom Wolfe, Sean Connery and Spike Lee, to name of few. He continues his endeavor to make quality a main component of his styles and designs.

Orlando was also recently named one of “the most stylish New Yorkers” by Time-Out New York.

Shortly after, Rolling Stone Magazine named Worth & Worth “The Hot Rock & Roll Haberdasher of the Year”.

Fashion is as eternal as the human need for clothing. But hats remain a discretionary element in the modern age. A hat today reflects the true essence of its wearer far more than does a pair of fitted trousers, shoes or a tailored jacket. To wear a hat is a genuine statement of character and personality in our times, and the boldest among us seem to lead, quite literally, with their heads.

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You can buy Orlando's unique designs in our boutique at Todos Santos Tulum.