Todos Santos has become a house for designers and brands that want to settle in Tulum. We offer 6 boutique spots with an inner patio that connects with Casa Jaguar. Our mexican style is reflected in this space we just created to share our horizons with other creatives. We love the taste of unique pieces and artisanal designs. You are more than welcome to join our neighborhood!

For more information email us at:


  • Maintenance

  • 24 h. security

  • Working electricity on established times.

  • Wi-Fi


  • Todos Santos provides a plate where each tenant can place their own placard/ sign with previously established parameters.

  • Each space will have electrical outputs where each tenant can arrange the lighting they require.

  • The construction is made of stucco that may not be altered or manipulated in any way. The furnishing & decoration is

    provided by each tenant.

  • Furnishing & decoration must be previously approved by Todos Santos.