Jaguar salad

Lettuce water cressbaby spinach dill coriander cherry tomatoes basil and sprouts.

Todos Santos salad

Soy beans, alfalfa sprouts, touch of mint,  arugula, cucumber, zucchini, dry tomatoes and house dressing.

Tuna tostadas

Marinated raw fresh tuna topped with leek, carrots and avocado with chipotle sauce. 


Grilled vegetables with ginger, roasted pineapple and sweet and sour sauce.

Mango ceviche

Catch of the day, avocado, mango, peppers and coconut. 




Lamb ossobuco

500 gr brick oven-baked lamb with craft beer served over mushrooms and baby carrots.

Rib eye 

Grilled in an olive oil, parsley and garlic sauce served with slow cooked portobello mushrooms with a tomato salad. 

Roasted octopus with our “salsa macha”

Made with a special selection of chiles and peanuts with a fresh tomato salad. 

Pez Santo

Grilled catch of the day, wrapped in “hoja santa” with onion, chipotle, chile ancho, coriander and oaxaca cheese, a side of korn kernels and house sauce. 

Pez Romero 

Fresh catch of the day cooked in our brick oven with white wine, oranges, rosemary and agave honey. Accompanied with a fresh green salad. 

Camarones a la sal

Cooked in a thick layer of sea salt in our brick oven served with grilled vegetables with white wine and rosemary. 

Tamal de huitlacoche

Mexican home made tamal filled with our own truffle from the region. 

Tamal cochinita 

Mexican home made tamal filled with the traditional “cochinita pibil” dish. Slow cooked pork in adobado sauce. 



Banana Flambé