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Surrounded by the tropical flora, the rustic architecture, the beach and the diversity of cultures, Tulum is a special place that has become our headquarters.

Keeping the roots of this Mexican corner is part of our philosophy. Casa Jaguar takes you back to the natural, to the divine and to the simplicity, it is our home.
The decorations are memories of our trips, gifts from friends and our own interpretation of Mexico. We have created with different smells, flavors, colors, and mexican design, a house where doors are always open for those who want to come in.
We believe in the sanctuaries of our country, we love the civilizations that lived before us and we tribute their culture and traditions with our lifestyle.

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“It’s our home,” explains Diego, founder of Casa Jaguar. This is how he best describes this destination in which every visitor of Tulum should stop by.

The decorative elements, including souvenirs, different objects and amulets, that welcome you in tell their own story. This personal site has become a main a ttraction of the nightlife in Tulum.

“We are Mexican.” A relevant statement to describe the natural soul that this restaurant owns.
Understanding the culture of our country and providing a Mexican experience is the key to our vision.

Casa Jaguar’s menu highlights the typical ingredients of the región.
It’s cocktail bar refreshes us with the taste of a paradisiacal beach and an atmo- sphere between candles, copal smoke and mystic decoration, which reminds us the importance of our essence as human beings.

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